Innovating Business Cards

Le Wed 22 June 2016

Networking events are built in order to organize professional connections between people and businesses. With this, a participant must prepare a handful of their own business cards made of paper with their name and contact information to hand out to their esteemed colleagues during the networking event. The standard wallet size, pieces of 3 x 2 inches rectangular paper are very essential to connect with other people and business for success in the future.

Business cards are used for advertising and promoting people’s organization. These rectangular pieces of paper represent the business or professional in words, contact information, and aesthetic design. Custom-designed and well thought out, business cards are a stamp of credibility and represent trustworthiness, and reliability that a company or a business professional will present.

In the 21st century where digitalization of items are ongoing, app developers and startups attempted to redesign and innovate business cards and turn them into the new digital business cards. Realtors and other business professionals have a convenient way to share their business card virtually anywhere to anyone.

Digital Business Cards Existence

Popularly called as Mobile business cards, go through, in which they will provide digital business card services by signing up to their online website. They also have online demonstrations, which help users get to know more about them.

Mobile applications such as Haystack, Cardcloud, and Icon started their initial Beta testing. According to sources, Haystack started its beta testing in Australia and has gathered 3,000 business professionals who are willing and interested in using the digital business card service.

These mobile business cards are free which means users can make more business cards on such short notice. After one has already signed up, this service provides an online template where users can input their personal contact information and online portfolio.

Their purpose during the event

Digital business cards are compatible in mobile phones making it a mobile optimized business card. During a networking event, the user can just open the mobile application and quickly share their virtual business card through text message or email. With this move, your business card can easily be seen and received by people in the networking event. Not only that, a compilation of all the user’s social network posts can be viewed by the recipients. Moreover, the upgraded version of this service allows the user to receive personal analysis information of people viewing and receiving the user’s mobile business cards. Make sure that a stable internet connection is present in the networking event in order for the mobile application to be opened. With access to the internet, the digital business card can be forwarded and emails can quickly be gathered.

New Approach

Many fear that paper business cards will be extinct and lose its value even though digital business cards’ only gives an additional soft copy version of the user’s business cards. However, developers cultivate ideas to merge them and combine them together for the benefit of the many. Some encoded QR codes which will forward recipients to their own websites and company profiles. Others, label in their social media accounts and emails encoded and digitally printed out. With these ideas, business cards can serve its optimum purposes and properly market the user and their organizations.

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