6 Myths about Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Le Fri 29 April 2016

1. Images for Titles – This is actually one of the most common mistakes people commit when creating a title or heading for their content so that it will look more appealing to the people who are visiting their site, however SEO wise, it cannot recognize or analyze your content since it is not programmed to read images, especially for headings.

2. Keyword alone as the heading – Now it is good that you have the keyword or keywords in your heading however the shorter your title is the lower your chance to be ranked at the top by big G. This is where the long tail concept will be beneficial and useful for SEO and digital marketing strategy. Also, when writing your heading, aside from making it very unique, include the words ‘how to’ and ‘what is’ that way, it will help your content to be a little higher on the search simply because you need to think how people think when searching things online.

3. Over use of keyword – In this part since it is important to have keywords in your content, but you actually need your content to be on top then use your keyword or keywords more than once because big G might just disregard it thinking that it is just an ordinary word. Also, keep in mind that the keyword is your subject in every content, therefore you’re focus should be about the keyword. However, it does not mean that you should use the keyword or keywords in every sentence that you make, no. If you will do that, your content will be tagged as spam and forget your chance of getting on top of the search. You can have 3-5 keywords per 500 words content.

4.  Not utilizing Google Keyword – In brainstorming what should your keyword is in every content is, you should check what are the common keywords that you can use for the topic that you have chosen. Some people think that it is a form of cheating but in this case, it is not, it is actually a way of helping the rank of your content since you are using a common keyword, which means your content will be included in what will be the result in every search of a person every day. Now if you are having problems or do not know what to do with all this digital marketing, then just visit


5. Not using the information in analytics – What is the point of creating a site, not optimizing it, and not knowing how it is working so far. Sure thing, you created a website for the public to be aware of what you are promoting in your website. So you should use Google Analytics to that you will be able to know if which part of your site is mostly visited and which part of it is not.

6. Not allocating a budget for SEO – Again, almost the same concept of what was mentioned earlier in the previous number, what is the point of creating a website and then just lay it there and no one will know about it. Learning SEO is free, that is a sure thing or given in this modern technology age, however, it is best to have someone who is more knowledgeable about it more than you know. Doing SEO yourself is okay, if you are comfortable doing it but it is only good for short term effects but if you are thinking about long term effect, then you need to get a helpful hand from the pros. Which by the way if you want some professional help with SEO visit www.wysi.co.uk.

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